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Grid Editor Silently Fails To Commit Changes

I may be missing a setting or something, so if that's the case please let me know.  If I use the data tab to view table data, I then make an attempt to delete a row.  I then hit the save and reload button.  The result is that nothing happens.  The grid blinks and the screen refreshes and the row I had intended to delete is still there.

Of course, there is a good reason the row didn't go away:  it is being pointed at through a foreign key from another table.

Question:  Why doesn't DbVisualizer tell me it couldn't delete the row?  Is there a way I can get it to notify me when it doesn't complete the requested operation because a database constraint was violated?


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Would be great if you can enable Debug DbVisualizer in Tools->Debug Window and the Debug tab and then re-run the operation that causes the issue. Then use Help->Contact Support in DbVisualizer to send the log file to us.  

That will also tell what database you are using.



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