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Shortcut to comment selected lines

It would be really helpful to use a keyboard shortcut to comment out selected lines when working in the SQL Commander.  I couldn't find anything in the docs about this feature already existing.  Something like Cmd+/


On macOS with the macOS key map in Tools->Tool Properties and under the General / Key Bindings category the default bindings are:

Comment Selected Line: shift+command+R

Comment Selected Block: shift+command+B

These are listed in the Edit main menu.



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Ah, brilliant.  Thank you so much!!

Hi, it would be great if you added ctrl-/ as the keyboard command for commenting/uncommenting. This is the standard keymap in VSCode (the #1 development environment according to Stack Overflow), and all the JetBrains IntelliJ products (IDEA = #4, Android Studio, PyCharm, etc.). Probably some others too.

Lots of devs spend virtually all of their time in one of these programs, so DBVis compatibility with the standards would be terrific. Thanks!

Hi Andy,

I will open a ticket that we should look into adding Ctrl+/ for commenting.



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