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Show database name in list of open Table tabs that have not been loaded yet

The list of open tabs (shown by the button to the right of the tabs) contains the name of open Table Tabs (tables that show tables). These can be "loaded" or "not loaded" depending on whether those tabs were already open when DbVisualizer started running and were subsequently loaded or not.

In the attached picture, some tabs are loaded (marked in white) and others have not been loaded (marked in red). The names of the loaded tabs are preceded by the name of the database they are attached to. The names of the not-loaded tabs do not show a database name.

Tables that have not been loaded yet *do* have an associated database. In the picture, marked up in yellow, the cursor is positioned on not-loaded Table tab, and above the Load button DbVis shows the name of the database that it will use when the Load button is clicked.

This feature request is to show the name of the database that will be used to open a table that has not yet been loaded. This is very important because I often have the same table opened from different databases (i.e., one from Production, one from Test, and one from Development) and I can't tell from the list which one to choose. I have to choose one, look in the middle of the database connection string to figure out which database is being referenced, and then if it's the wrong one, go back to the list of tabs and find *another* one and try again. When there are 3 open tabs with the same name, I have to remember which ones I've already looked at! It gets very confusing.

Of course I could open all of them, but that takes a lot of time on some tables & databases, or I could close the associated Table tab, but then I lose the custom adjustments I have made to that tab. It would be much better to include the database name in the list of Tab names, and use a different indicator to show that the associated table has not yet been opened (perhaps by using bolded / normal text on open / not-open tables).

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will discuss it internally.

Best Regards,



This is now fixed in the DbVisualizer 10.0.14 version.



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