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Save and key-bind macros

 I found this 4-year old topic

because I'm missing exactly this capability.

I thend to forget how to convert timezones in my DB to my local timezone so I created a macro which cuts out my current selection and puts the SQL code for converting the timezone around it.

Would be greate I could store this macro and maybe bind it to some shortcut.

Hi Stephan,

This has not been implemented yet, partly because very few have shown an interest in it. I have added you vote for it so we will discuss it again.

Best Regards,


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Bump.  I still would love to have the ability to save and reuse my recorded macros

Some macros I have to repeatedly record quite often:

- Add double quotes around the word I'm currently at the end of

- Commify this number

- Strip single quotes from the word I'm currently at the end of

It would be a huge time saver to have a "Load previously saved macro" function and grab the macro definition from a pull down list.

For anybody on a Mac, this might help. As you saw above, my goal was to have selected text to be surrounded by some fixed text which makes NySQL/MariaDB convert a column to my local timezone.

So this


wolud become this

    CONVERT_TZ(last_scan, '+00:00', @@global.time_zone) as last_scan

Here is how I do it now.


Copy attached script "TimeZoneConvert.scpt" into ~/Library/Scripts/DbVisualizer and note that this path will most probably not exist yet.

In Script Editor's preferences, (/Applications/Utilities/Script Editor) enable the script Menu.


When in DbVisualizer's Editor, select the word(s) you want to be surrounded by mentioned text. Then click the Script Menu -> DbVisualizer -> TimeZoneConvert and see how the text is replaced.


Open in Script Editor the TimeZoneConvert script and adjust it to you needs and store it under a different name. You can store as many other "Macros" as you want.


Hi Tom,

I will add your vote for this.

Kind Regards


Hi Stephan,

Great, thanks for sharing this script!

Best Regards,


 Thanks Hans.

If you happen to know jEdit, take a look at its macro system. Something like that would be fantastic. Macros are simply stored as files in a specific directory and its subdirectories. The content of that directory can be found in a macro menu. Every subdirectory is a sub-menu. Additionally keybindings are possible.

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