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Getting SQLCODE -902 , SQLERRMC=9 while accessing a table on db2 z/os 10 database

DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-902, SQLSTATE=58005,SQLERRMC=9;,DRIVER=4.18.60

I have setup a new connection to DB2 ZOS database version 10. I am getting list of tables, but when I click on the Data tab, its throwing above error message.

From db2 documentation I can see that it requires a REBIND of dbVisualizers' packages to the remote db2 zos database.

Can you please help by letting us know how to rebind these packages and make it work?


Hi Samit,

The "application package" in this case is the JDBC package rather than DbVisualizer. This page describes how to do it, even though it describes it as a solution to a different problem:

Best Regards,


Hi Hans,

Thank you for the quick response.  Its much appreciated.

So you mean to say that we need to bind files for JDBC package.   Does this JDBC driver/package comes along with DBVisualizer or is it installed separately?  I am thinking that we have to run "db2jdbcbind" command from the PC where DBVisualizer is installed.  Is it correct ?  Can you tell us the path from where we shall run this command ?

I am referring to the below doc

Thanks again for your support.



Hi Samit,

The JDBC package is not bundled with DbVisualizer, but I assume that it is bundled with the database. We do not have any direct experience with this, but it is definitely on the database server that you need to run the  "db2jdbcbind" command. It is the database server that needs to be configured to handle the server functions that the driver uses.

Best Regards,


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