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Paste as comma list?

I didn't realize you had the feature "copy as comma list", until I stumbled across it today.  This is awesome!  I'll be making use of this quite often.

I'd like put in an enhancement request for a companion function, "paste as comma list".

Many times, the data I'm going to search for is being copied from another application (so the "copy as comma list" function wouldn't be available to me).  It would be awesome to be able to paste the data copied from the other application, converting a newline into a comma + space + newline (with the option of omitting the newline thereby converting the copied selection into a comma delimited, single line list).

Another reasonable enhancement would be to offer to quote the copied elements (paste as text comma list)


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Hi Tom,

Apologies for the late reply, and thanks for the suggestion. I've opened a ticket for this so we will discuss if this is something we will add.

Kind Regards,


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