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Oracle connection drops after manually stopping query

DBVis Pro 10.0.3 [Build #2799]

macOS 10.13.6
Java Version 1.8.0_162

Database Type: Oracle

Driver: Oracle Thin

Oracle Version: 12c (

If I run a query but hit the Stop button to halt the query before it has fully fetched the result, I immediately lose my database connection and need to reconnect before running any other queries.


1. Connect to Oracle database

2. Either run query using a SQL Commander tab, or open a table (by double-clicking) and go to the Data tab to display the table contents.

3. Press the "Stop" button to halt the query in the middle of execution or result fetching.

4. Try to run another query

5. Receive the following message in the Log: "The database connection has been lost. It will be re-established at next execute"

I work from home and connect via VPN to my employer's network using Cisco AnyConnect. Many of my coworkers are experiencing the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Muki,

Please upgrade to the latest official version. Easiest is that you open Help->Check for Update in DbVisualizer to perform the upgrade. 

An alternative is that you download from our web site:

If you see this behavior also with the latest version, please open Tools->Debug Window and enable debugging for DbVisualizer. Run the scenario and then use Help->Contact Support to submit a new support request with the logs attached.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the response, Hans!

Unfortunately every version of every piece of software that we use needs to go through a long process of getting approved for use by employees, so 10.0.3 is the latest version that is approved for use and I'm not sure when newer versions will get approved.

I will go through the process of submitting a new support request with the logs.

Thank you!

As an update - I do have the capability of receiving local admin rights on my computer so I went ahead and installed the latest version and still experienced the issue. I have submitted a support request with the debugging logs.

In case it's useful, here is an example from the logs:

2018-12-06 09:15:37.088 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - I.ᅣᆰ] Executing...

2018-12-06 09:15:37.089 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - I.ᅣツ] Setting catalog: null for: RACLOAD3

2018-12-06 09:15:37.089 FINE   409 [pool-4-thread-11 - C.ᅣチ] RootConnection: T4CConnection.createStatement()

2018-12-06 09:15:37.089 FINE   409 [pool-4-thread-11 - B.ᅣチ] RootConnection: OracleStatementWrapper.execute("SELECT * FROM "H827927_HL7_V1"."BATCH_FILE_ID" ORDER BY load_dt desc")

2018-12-06 09:15:39.319 FINE   409 [Thread-3597 - I$] Cancelling current statement

2018-12-06 09:15:39.319 FINE   409 [pool-4-thread-11 - B.ᅣチ] RootConnection: OracleStatementWrapper.cancel()

2018-12-06 09:15:39.419 FINE   409 [AWT-EventQueue-0 - Z.ᅣト] Forced interrupt of executor runner

2018-12-06 09:15:39.420 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - Z.ᅣツ] Fetched Rows: 180 Columns: 3 Exec: 0.129 Fetch: 2.202 sec

2018-12-06 09:15:39.421 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - O.ᅣワ] DbConnection='RACLOAD3' Catalog='null' Schema='H827927_HL7_V1' Table='BATCH_FILE_ID'

2018-12-06 09:15:39.421 FINE   409 [pool-4-thread-11 - E.ᅣチ] RootConnection: OracleDatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys(null, "H827927_HL7_V1", "BATCH_FILE_ID")

2018-12-06 09:15:39.422 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - O.ᅣテ] DbConnection='RACLOAD3' Catalog='null' Schema='H827927/_HL7/_V1' Table='BATCH/_FILE/_ID' Column='%'

2018-12-06 09:15:39.422 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - L.ᅣチ] No columns found!

2018-12-06 09:15:39.423 FINE   409 [pool-4-thread-12 - E.ᅣチ] RootConnection: OracleDatabaseMetaData.getColumns(null, "H827927/_HL7/_V1", "BATCH/_FILE/_ID", "%")

2018-12-06 09:15:39.423 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - L.ᅣチ] Columns in DataSet: [0: name='FILE_ID'],[1: name='BATCH_ID'],[2: name='LOAD_DT']

2018-12-06 09:15:39.423 FINE   409 [ExecutorRunner-pool-3-thread-8 - L.ᅣチ] Edit DataSet is not enabled: Column names in result set doesn't match columns in table: H827927_HL7_V1.BATCH_FILE_ID

2018-12-06 09:15:39.423 FINE  409 [pool-4-thread-11 - E.ᅣチ] RootConnection: EXCEPTION -> java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Closed Connection

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Closed Connection

 at oracle.jdbc.driver.PhysicalConnection.prepareStatementInternal(

 at oracle.jdbc.driver.PhysicalConnection.prepareStatement(

 at oracle.jdbc.driver.PhysicalConnection.prepareStatement(

 at oracle.jdbc.OracleDatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys(

 at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

 at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

 at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

 at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

 at com.onseven.dbvis.g.B.E.ᅣチ(Z:482)

 at com.onseven.dbvis.g.B.F$


 at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(

 at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


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