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How do I permanently remove the "Generated by: DbVisualizer Pro" text appended to an HTML export?

Don't get me wrong, I really like DbVisualizer Pro.  It's an indispensable tool for me.

However, it really irks me that every HTML export that I do (and I do many) has the "Generated by: DbVisualizer Pro" link attached to it.  

Usually I hand edit the HTML to remove this because it just feels unprofessional, for me, to provide a detailed database analysis ... which has an advertising plug appended to it.  Very distracting. 

I supposed I could write a script to easily strip it but I shouldn't have to.  I've paid for DbVisualizer so I should be able to turn off the advertising promotion-ware.

I can't find anything in the "Tool Properties" menu which would control the appending of this text.  Is there a control in some other location?


In DbVisualizer 10.0.16 you can turn it off by blanking out a field. That can also be saved as default so it only needs to be done once.

Which DbVisualizer version are you using?



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Drats... I really should've looked around just a bit more before posting.

As it turns out, selecting the HTML output while exporting a selection changes the bottom section of the dialog box to "Common HTML Settings" where the footer contains the default text "[ Generated by: DbVisualizer Pro version]".  This text can be cleared to an empty string.  Then there's a "Settings" drop down in the bottom left which allows you to "Save as Default Settings".

I'd delete the post or at least changed the heading title to "[SOLVED] ... " if I could but since I can't, hopefully this might help someone else in the future.

Super! Thanks for the update.


I'm using 10.0.16.  I just found the area where I can change the footer, then save those modified settings as the new default settings.  I'm a dope.  But thanks for the quick reply.

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