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Change language in editor to Hebrew


I want to query Hebrew words. I try to change the language from English to Hebrew and unfortunately the software does not know the language (it gives red marks instead)

Any help would be appreciated


You need to find out a font that is capable of rendering Hebrew the way you like. If such font is not installed, try install one in your OS and then re-start DbVisualizer. 

To change fon in DbVisualizer open Tools->Tool Properties and change the font under the General / Appearance / Fonts category.



Hey Roger,

thank you for your response.

I checked all the fonts and nothing seem to work with Hebrew.

Do you have any idea where I can download new fonts to a computer that might support Hebrew?


You will need to Google for it. 



That's what I did before I posted here...

As for now, I haven't found a solution to this issue

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