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Customizable Toolbars

So I've been using DbVisualizer for a long time now.  It's an outstanding product.  But I have always wondered, never spoke up about it until now, why the toolbars aren't more customizable.  Options abound for the tool but somehow affording users the ability to chose what icons appear in the toolbars isn't allowed.

I would think customizations could be allowed for changing/adding to "Main" toolbar(s), SQL Commander toolbar(s), and "Results tab" toolbar(s).

I dunno... seems like something that would be a heck of a nice upgrade for folks.  For a program that still users the now-aging pre-Ribbon style of application interface customizable toolbars seem like a solid way to go.


I will add your vote for configurable toolbars.  We will notify you when/if that kind of enhancements is applied. "when/if" since there are currently too few requests for it.



Thanks!  I swear I tried searching the forums for this feature request before I submitted it.  Sorry it it's a redundant post/suggestion.

Hi @Roger,

could you please add a "reconnect all marked databases" (Shift F8) to the buttons in the Toolbar!


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