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Find and Find/Replace - In need of modernizing

I think it's high time someone spoke up about DbVisualizer's handling of Find and Find/Replace.

Firstly:  FIND

This functionality is in desperate need of upgrade.  I mean, when one presses CTRL+F they're presented with the older-than-a-decade yellow text box?  No help?  No dialog?  Nothing.  Then, they're expected to just know to press F3 to get "next result".

With respect to the FIND WITH DIALOG feature, much better.  Much closer.  If nothing else, this should definitely be the default.  But even then some attention would seem necessary.  If one selects "GLOBAL" why does the "DIRECTION" still apply?  I must be dense but I honestly don't know what "ORIGIN" is all about; "TARGET" is enough for me.


The FIND/REPLACE feature only has a dialog.  Cool.  That's a better place to start with.  But the execute command reads "FIND".  Then, the dialog closes and users are presented with options:  Replace, Skip, All, Cancel.  What!?  It's just so abnormally and unfamiliar.  It works, I'll give you that but it's not normal.  It confuses folks.  Why not just offer those options in the same dialog without having to hit "FIND" first.  After all, I wasn't trying to FIND anything... I was trying to REPLACE text.  It's counter intuitive to have to hit FIND before being prompted to do something with it.

How could it be better?

I think Excel has got to be my personal favorite FIND and FIND/REPLACE dialog.  It's ever so clear.  Options, when desired, are easily provided but given a backseat to default settings.  It's movable around the screen.  Text is clear.  It's just easy.

Also, for anyone else that might agree with me... I long ago swapped my CTRL+F hotkey from "FIND" to "Find with Dialog" which, while not perfect, is much closer to what I'd expect.

Final thoughts

Honestly, for as much as I love this tool my team has complained about DbVisualizer's FIND and FIND/REPLACE functionality probably more than anything else.  With some love I'm sure this age-old standard functionality could be improved for modern expectations.


I completely agree with your observations. The find and find/replace functionality is part of the 3:rd editor component that DbVisualizer use and there are definitely room for improvements.

I'll open a ticket and we will discuss this.



You rock!  Thanks for considering so thoughtfully.

Well well well... Ya'll did it!!  I see it's now planned in v23.3 (in Beta as I type this). I'm very excited. 

My goodness... That's why y'all have the highest customer satisfaction. You listen. other companies say they do but few actually do. This is just of a handful of features I've personally requested that you actually took seriously and ultimately implemented.

I really do love this tool. I consider myself a bit of a "DbViz Evangelist" around my company. Few believe me on first pitch. But then I write some code via a screen share, live style, and their jaws drop watching the speed at which I can code using this tool. Gets 'em every time.

Keep up the great work!!  Thank you.

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