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Auto completion popup customize to add Column Remarks info

I use dbvisualizer Pro to connect to DB2/400 on IBM AS/400 server. I use JTopen jdbc driver.

Is there a way I can customize the Auto completion popup such that I can see the Column Remarks information also in popup list? Currently I can see only the following in the Auto completion popup list:

Column name

Data type and 

Table name

I would like to see the Column Remarks also in the completion popup list.

I am asking because in AS/400, max length of column name is very short. Hence column names normally are not meaningful and hard to remember. Hence we always check the Column Remarks to understand what the column denotes and then choose the column when writing SQL queries.

Hence it would be very helpful if I can see the Column Remarks information also in the Auto completion popup list.

Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated.

Sorry but this is currently not possible. 

I will add this as an improvement request

Thanks! a lot for checking. Hope that this will get added to DB visualizer software soon.

Additional Note: I am currently using DB Visualizer Pro version 9.2.17.

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