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Save sets of open tabs as sort of session

Hi all

I am not quite sure whether this is the right spot or I should open a ticket. I have read a couple of post ending up in a ticket. Maybe to post here first gives DbVis a better idea of the reception of a possible feature among the clients. Here I go.

I know about the possibility to save tabs between DbVis session and actually use it but it does not fit my stile of working well. I often switch between issues that make me work on a few different files and DB objects. I usually end up with a load of open tabs skimming through the ones I need to progress in my work. So I started thinking that it would help me I DbVis could save sets of tabs being open and one could restore them as need be. I am thinking along the session features of editors like jEdit ( or kate ( Taking the idea a step further would have me want DbVis give the possibility to restore those file and object sets in different floating tab sets.

Kind regards


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We have an open ticket for a "project" type of workspace setup in DbVisualizer. I will add your vote for it.



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