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Favorites/Bookmark location in file open/save dialog

 Hi all

I wished that DBVis would sport favorite/bookmark locations in the file open/save dialog (maybe at other placed useful too). I find my self browsing through the file system again and again to locations I just were before I worked on the other file. I would be boombastic if DBVis could use the OS's mechanism for those bookmarks (see attached screenshot) though I suspect this is not easily possible if at all.

Kind regards


Currently we have no plans for this in DbVisualizer. Current functionality in DbVisualizer can be described as follows and we think this covers most cases.

The Favorites

It is possible to drag files from the Scripts Tab to the Favorites Tab or the Favorite Tool Bar. This way you have quick access to your favorite files (or other objects).

See: Using Favorites in the User Guide.  

Quick Open Files

You can also use the Quick File Open feature to open recent files as well as Bookmarks and History entries. By default, it is bound to the Ctrl+Alt+O key combination.

See: Loading and Saving Scripts in the User Guide 

The File Dialogs

The file dialogs contains a Drop Down Recent Paths that lists the recently used files. The content of this list differs depending on which conext the dialog is used. 

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Oh, what a pitty. I often create files in only a few directories or their subdirectories, unfortunately not bundled.  I actually do not quite get the point of dragging scripts to the favorites if I can manage them in the scripts tab. It is usefull, if one uses a file again and again - I have such scripts in my script tab.

Kind regards


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