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Mac OS - Keyboard bindings reset and Option key seems bugged

DBVis at some point stopped recognising option key presses. I have rebound the key bindings I use frequently and this has addressed the issue (see screenshot attached).

When pressing an option key it appears to think that 2 option keys are being pressed, therefore the standard keybindings no longer function. This occurs on the wireless mac keyboard and the builtin keyboard on the Mac laptop.

However DBVis appears to reset the key bindings, seemingly at random. I cannot remember a common action which results in the key bindings reseting. Additionally this happens when creating and saving custom key bindings as well as editing the saved configurations.

Whilst not a huge problem, having to rebind these common key bindings once or twice a week is very annoying.


This seems to be a bug in Java 11 (and Java 12). The confirmed workaround is to revert to use Java 8.

Once Java 8 is installed run the following in a terminal window to verify:

setenv JAVA_HOME `/usr/libexec/java_home -v "1.8*"` ; setenv JDE_JAVA_HOME "$JAVA_HOME/.."; set path = ( "$JAVA_HOME"/bin $path ) ; java -version

Start DbVisualizer and open Help->About and verify that the Java version is 1.8.x.

(Opening the always use the bundled Java 11 which we already know is broken.)



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This is still a bug.  Do I really need to go back to an old Java to fix this? I have a brand new mac laptop.

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What version are you using?

We will release a beta of the upcoming feature version any time soon. We've done some changes related to key bindings. Will let you know when it is available.



DB Visualizer  11.0.5 Build #3113

Max OS 10.15.7

Did this ever get fixed?

Does not appear to be fixed. I am on a new 2021 Macbook pro, Monterey 12.4 and option will not work correctly. For example, option normal allows one to use the arrow keys to jump between words. But not on dbviz. 

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