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Is it possible to automate the setup of a database connection?

We're starting to increasingly use AWS RDS and Secrets Manager.  We have an API to allow securely obtain database login credentials but, for me to use this information with Dbvis, I have to manually create or edit a database connection and type in the rotating usernames and passwords.  

Is there anyway to script this?  

It would be ideal to have a CLI interface for setting up a new database connection, maybe taking the users password for the database from a well defined environment variable, then having something ask me for my dbvis master password to validate my access to the dbvis password store before writing a new database connection record or updating a previously existing database connection record.


The functionality to import and export user settings (including database connections) are the File->Export Settings and File->Import Settings in DbVisualizer. Other than those there is currently no other documented alternative to setup connections other than manually in DbVisualizer to enter the details. 

We do have on the todo list to look into more simpler ways to setup connections but this is not scheduled for a release as of now.

You may dig into the inners of the USER-HOME\.dbvis\config70\dbvis.xml file (which saves all the connections) and define them programatically. But be careful as this is not supported and may end up in a broken settings file. If this is the path you choose please reply to this post and I will let you know the basics.



Roger, i have about ~100 databases connections i need to make in dbViz. These dbs will change over time. I have the list of databases and connections strings and i'd like to programmatically add them to dbviz. I've been reviewing the dbviz.xlm file and i may attempt to alter the file to add my new connections. If you have a better way or some tips i'd love to hear it. Thanks

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