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How to change max rows in "grid status bar"?

The documentation 5.5.6 "Max Rows/Max Chars" says:  

"If you really need to look at more than 1000 rows, you can change the value in the Max Rows field in the grid status bar. Use a value of 0 or -1 to get all rows, or a specific number (e.g. 5000) to set a new limit."

but it's not obvious to me how to change the limit.  Clicking on grid status bar (lower right) containing the limit of 1000 directly doesn't allow me to change it.  Right-clicking doesn't bring up a menu.  I tried looking at Tools>Tool Properties > Grid, which does have a Max Column Width but oddly, it does NOT have a Max Rows settings.

I'm stumped....

They're not in the lower right, they're in the lower left (as per the screenshot in section 5.5.6 of the documentation). They're very clearly labelled "Max Rows:" and "Max Chars:".


Damn dyslexia....  Thanks.

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