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MacOS Keybindings not working for navigating previous/next word

The default key bindings for Mac OS to move "Insertion Point to Previous Word" or "Insertion Point to Next Word" don't work: the pointer stays where it is.

I edited the settings from the default ones, pressing the ⌥ key + direction arrow (which produces ⌥+→ / ⌥+ instead of → / ) and noticed that this fixes the issue for a while, until the application is restarted or the Mac logs out.

(40.1 KB)
(55.6 KB)


Sorry for the delay.

This is unfortunately something that has been reported lately by macOS users. It is most probably related to Java and we are eagerly awaiting a fix.

Once we have a working solution we will let you know.




Just to inform that we have released a beta version of the upcoming DbVisualizer 11.0 which includes a newer Java version that hopefully solves the issue you reported.

Would be great to get your feedback on the new version.




I installed the 110.3042 version with Java VM and the following default MacOS key bindings are still not working:

  • Insertion Point to Previous Word (⌥+⌥)
  • Insertion Point to Next Word (⌥+⌥)
  • Extend Selection to Previous Word (⌥+⇧+⌥)
  • Extend Selection to Next Word (⌥+⇧+⌥)
In brackets I added what I captured already in my previous screenshots: when pressing the default expected keys for the shortcuts, I visualize the above listed combinations in the keystroke editor.

Again, using these edited keystroke combinations in substitution to the MacOS default ones works as long as I don't restart DbVisualizer, otherwise the preferences get reset to default and they don't work.

Thanks for trying to help, best regards.

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