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DBVisualizer Cannot Start after Specifying Wrong Overridden Java VM Properties

Hi Community,

I have DBVisualizer on my MAC.

I was trying to config DBVisualizer by specifying overridden Java VM properties in the TOOL PROPERTIES option.

However, I mistakenly entered wrong thing and applied the change. After that, I was not able to start my DBVisualizer.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall it. I still cannot start it.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance!


Please check the following:

More specifically this section:

"Don't set the -Xmx property too large as it may result in Java not being able to launch DbVisualizer properly. If you experience problems starting DbVisualizer open a file explorer tool on your system and remove this file depending on operating system:


Windows: C:\Users\<user>\.dbvis\user.vmoptions

Linux/Unix: /home/<user>/.dbvis/user.vmoptions

Mac OS X: /Users/<user>/.dbvis/user.vmoptions"

Best Regards


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Hi Roger,

Thanks a lot for your reply!

I was unable to find the user.vmoptions file and .dbvis folder on my Mac. The only dbvis folder I have is the folder of DBVisualizer installer that I downloaded earlier.

For the initial cause of this problem, I was trying to input: in specifying overridden Java VM properties, but i entered wrong text.

Could you please further advice?




There must be a .dbvis folder in your home folder. That is the place all your settings are kept. Unless you start DbVisualizer using the -prefsdir argument o point to another .dbvis folder.

If you open a terminal window and run these as separate commands:

cd ~

cd .dbvis


What is the result?



Hi Roger,

I was able to find the file and removed it. Now I can start DBVisualizer!

Thanks for your clarification and help!

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