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Command line: Logging options. -output argument ignored


I'm exploring using dbvis command line instead of Oracle, it's much easier so far but having one relatively small issue with logging. It seems to ignore the -output argument. I've tried using "log" and log with and without an -outputfile. in all cases the full script appears on the screen or the log file. Since I'm mostly running inserts I'd much prefer to have the result of each batch of inputs, rather than the sql. Am i missing something or does this arguemtn just not work?

I'm on Win10 and using DBVis Pro 10.0.16

Forgot to mention, is there also an option to append to an existing log file rather than overwriting?

I've been playing around with this a bit more and found that the -output log argument does work, but that the log message for an insert includes the full sql. The documentation specifically says "For other scripts, for instance a script containing INSERT statements, you may only want to see the log messages:" Is there any way to customise this behaviour to only include the result of the insert? E.G. "500 rows inserted"

Hi Duane,

Sorry for the late answer.

I'm afraid this is no possible. I will add this as an improvement request. 

As a workaround I suggest you to use windows functionality to search for the desired result.

In a unix/linux environment I would something like the following

   <dbvis command line call> | grep "END Execution" 

I'm not sure how the exact syntax is for Windows but I believe findstr can be used.


Best Regards


Hi Ulf,

Thanks for confirming, I'll look into the Windows equivalent of grep and see if we can get something working.

Appreciate you adding this as an improvement request, up until now we've been using Oracle command line which does output just the result of the operation unless it fails, in which case it outputs the full sql command that failed. Very similar to what we'd see in the log when using the DBVis GUI


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