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Oracle Database Password not getting saved

I am using Db Visualizer Pro 9.2.12[Build #2486].

On the Database Connection / Connection tab, I have the setting

    Save Database Password : Save During Session

    Permission Mode: Development

After I edit 

    Database Password

and enter a newly changed oracle password, 'Connection' button works

takes the new password and I am able to successfully connect.

However, when I restart the Db Visualizer app, the password that 

was previously entered must have not gotten saved and my connection fails and have to retype the password for the connection.

Oracle connection details:


Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

Oracle JDBC driver

I have already done

       File/Save All

after password change and that did not help in saving the entered password.


Have you tried Save Database Password : Save Between Session?

Save During Session does not survive DbVisualizer restart.

Best regards


That helped. Thanks.

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