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Changing Tabs via the keyboard

I came up with a set of shortcut keys that I'm sharing in case anyone else finds them useful.


I like using a keyboard rather than a mouse, and I'm constantly changing focus among tabs. The "outer" tabs ("Parent tab groups") contain objects, tables, SQL Commanders, etc; the "inner" tabs ("Child tab groups") contain properties of those objects like Data, Columns, etc. Though DbVisualizer has Key Bindings that switch between tabs, they don't distinguish between these two types of tabs; sometimes they work on the outer tabs and sometimes on the inner tabs. I found this so confusing that I never used those key bindings at all.


Instead I created 2 keys to go left & right through the outer tabs (I chose Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2, respectively), and 2 keys to go left & right through the inner tabs (Ctrl+w and Ctrl+q). I had to implement these keys in AutoHotkey (; when run, they use the following DbVisualizer functions:


Required DbVisualizer Key Bindings

  • Workspace Tab        Ctrl+4 (this is the default) 



Because I never type these key combinations manually, I deliberately use complex ones that I can't type by accident.


From here, I use AHK to define my new functions. Of course if you choose different Key Bindings for the functions listed listed above; you will have to change the definition below. Note that using SendEvent vs. Send is critical to getting these keys to work properly.


#IfWinActive, DbVisualizer

FYI, "^4" means Ctrl+4; "^!+9" means Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9, and "!+{down}" means Alt+Shift+Down 


Please let me know if you find these shortcuts useful, or if you have any issues using them.

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Thanks for sharing Charles!



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