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Highlight similar/same selected string on SQL Commander

Good morning,

First of all, I love the tool and all new improvements/features that have been released so I'm very grate-full for that :) . My request is pretty simple: As a developer, while writing complex queries sometimes is really useful to select/double click on a full string (or select a substring and /Find All) and see the same string is highlighted in other places in the page where this has been used, it is pretty useful while debugging and helps to easily find typos or even where this string is used all over the code. I work with a lot of different tools (Toad, VSCode, IntelliJ ....) and they all handle this pretty well, so I think it would be a really nice feature to have. Thank you very much and I will be looking forward for your response. (Attached a couple of examples that might help illustrate my idea)



Best regards.


This feature is already available but turned off by default. To enable it open Tools->Tool Properties and select the General / SQL Commander category. In the right pane you find the Enable/Disable Auto Highlight setting. 



I just tried and it works !!! Thanks you so much Roger, I sincerely appreciate your prompt response :) 

Best regards

Jaime Garzon


Is it possible to highlight only the exact same words selected by the cursor? Right now, it is highlighting even longer words that contain the selected words as substrings.

Hi Jamie,

No, this is currently not possible. I will add this as an improvement request and add your vote for it. 



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