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Export function - Add option to export FILTERED data only.

I'm regularly looking at table data using the grid view during support, because the tables I need to look at then are mostly small or even with many rows fast to load because they only contain few columns with few data. Additionally I often filter contents using the search box in the upper right corner of the view, simply because it's much faster to use than the "Filter"-row.

Very often I need to export data from the filtered grid as well and while the button to export from the grid is easily available, it seems only able to export ALL data of the grid, NOT ONLY what is currently visible using the searchbox-filter.

As things are already have been loaded into memory and stuff, shouldn't it be easy to simply add a checkbox in the export dialog to only export all rows currently visible?

In the attached screenshot, max rows and total rows is 538, while I'm only interested in 3 visible rows the grid shows currently. But I don't see any easy way to export only those 3 rows with what the export dialog provides, especially support for various different formats. Because sometimes I only need some TXT-representation, but sometimes CSV as well etc.

So, what I actually request is the opposite of the following:

Thanks for considering this!

Hi Thorsten,

Sounds like a great idea. I will bring it up for discussion.



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Just to inform that we have released a beta version of the upcoming DbVisualizer 11.0 which improves the Export and Open as Spreadsheet functions with the capability to act on the visible grid data i.e. any filters, sorting and visible columns are considered.

Would be great to get your feedback on the new version.




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