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How about making (hints to?) parent folders available in SQL editors connection selection?

I have many database connections organized by host, topics and stuff and sometimes I need to make databases from different hosts available on my local one for test purposes. The easiest thing to do so is copying a database connection and move it to the directory for my own host by keeping its name.

Within the tree of connections this is clearly arranged because of using folders. But if I use the SQL editor, its chooser for connections provides connection names only, all at the same level, without any hints to folders. The only thing which might be used to distinguish connections is the borders or one needs to manually rename connections. I'm doing so currently by using a short prefix for the host per database connection, but as all of those have a parent folder, I think DbVisualizer could make those available in the connection chooser automatically somehow.

That might be by generating a prefix from the parent folders automatically or provide the complete tree within the control to choose connections from or something like that. The tree could e.g. be flattened using "/" as divider and each line in the chooser is one connection with all its parent folders, possibly shortened using "[...]" or something like that. Maybe provide a configuration with regular expressions matching folder names and capturing some prefix used in the chooser afterwards? That would be somewhat what I'm doing currently.

You might want to give it some thoughts... 

Hi Thorsten,

In the list of connections as per the screenshot in your post, there is a tooltip showing the complete path including folders for the connection. I assume this is not what you are looking for but rather to see the full path for the current connection without opening the list of connections? 

Any further insights would be great.



I never recognized those tooltips containing the complete path, but that's useful of course. Should be more strict, though, so that a tooltip gets shown when hovering the currently selected connection without opening the selector as well. Pretty much like is the case with "Max Rows" etc. already. Otherwise one would need to open the chooser for connections always, just to make sure that the currently selected one is the expected one.

I'm going to see how I can live with those tooltips only or if I prefer some kind of always visible database connection name instead. Thanks for the hints!


Thanks for clarifying. Based on your request we will add the path to the current selected database connection to the tab header as tooltip. Check attached image for an example:

This will save you the extra step to open the Database Connections drop-down. What do you think about this?



Why not add it to the drop-down of the connections as well? I would expect it there first instead of the tab header itself.


Just to inform that we have released a beta version of the upcoming DbVisualizer 11.0 which now shows the path to the current connection as tooltip in the SQL Commander.

Would be great to get your feedback on the new version.





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