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Show table names in grid results

This has likely been answered somewhere else but I am unable to find.

I have a query that joins 13 tables and more often than not I need to see the full results (all tables and columns) of any given query.  It ends up filling the grid with about 200 columns.  Is there a way to have the grid show the table name next to the column name?  table.column (or alias)


What database and driver are you using?

We looked at this a couple of years ago if even if there is support in the JDBC specification to get the table/column names for a result set column, only a few drivers at that time properly implemented it.




IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ


It sounds like it would be more than just a checkbox in the Tools menu.  :)

Hi Paul,

Problem is that without the help from the JDBC driver we are unable to determine what table column each result set column corresponds to.

I will open a ticket and we will re-visit the drivers (and especially the DB2 driver) in case there has been some progress in this area.



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