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Does the query builder support conditions using regular expressions?

Today I needed a condition applying a regular expression to some string in the query builder and wasn't able to choose that. The operations available only contained "=", LIKE" and stuff like that, but not at least "~", which I needed.

Am I missing something or is that really not supported? At least "~" should be added, as it fits perfectly into the current GUI.

Besides that, some kind of free text input for the operation and the value might have been of help as well. That is provided for the column part of a condition already to e.g. input "CASE" or stuff like that. But that can't be used to apply missing operators, because a result looks like the following:

> public.meter.reading_serial ~ E'[a-zA-Z]' = ''

So even if I'm able to input arbitrary text, the operation and value are additionally applied always, rendering the statement invalid in the end.



Thanks. We will look into this.




It seems to me useful to be able to use functions in the conditions that return a truth value as the regexp_like function does. I feel one is restricted to the two side pattern (a = b).

Kind regards


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