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Database Pane Double-Click Behavior - Redux

While it is great to be able to choose whether to, by default, have a double-click expand a tree or open an object in a tab, that's not the choice I usually want to make.


99% of the time I click on a Table, I want to open it in a tab.


99% of the time I click on a non-Table, I want to expand it.


How about adding another option to the settings:

  Double-Click Actions for Database Objects


   Treat TABLE objects in the opposite way from above? Y/N


Maybe this is a good place to renew my long-ago request to have expandable objects with only 1 sub-object automatically open the sub-object. For example, in the following image, instead of requiring 5 clicks to see the list of Tables, clicking once on OS-D would immediately open each of the singleton sub-objects (Databases, OrderSnapshotsDb, Schemas and dbo).



The option could be:

 Automatically open singleton object when parent is opened? Y/N


We do have that already as an open ticket. We need to consider the demand for new or improved features and currently there need to be more requests going further with this.



You mean you already have the "treat table objects opposite to non-table objects" idea under consideration?! I thought I was the first person to think of that :)

The *other* idea I know I suggested before.


The "treat table objects opposite to non-table objects" request is unique and even though I fully understand you see a great use of it, I doubt it would ever go into the product. Having different type of click/double-click behaviour for different type of objects will most likely confuse most users, and having yet another option to control it will bloat the settings that are already too many. 

The request is too user/use case specific and we don't see it would be of a general interest for the DbVisualizer audience.



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