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Key Binding for Stop Command in Table Tab

In a Sql Cmdr tab there's a Stop button on the toolbar ("stop the current script execution"), and I've assigned a key binding to it so I can stop a running SQL command when necessary.

In a Table tab, there's also a Stop button ("stop the current execution"), but it doesn't seem to have a way to bind it to a key press, so I have to go for the mouse if I want to interrupt a long-running retrieval.

Could you make the Table tab's Stop button obey the same keystroke as the Sql Cmdr Stop keystroke?

Hi Charles,

I will add this as an improvement request. 

Best Regards



Just to let you know this is fixed in the latest 110.3069 beta version and it is now possible to assign a key binding to Stop.

Due to an unfortunate regression in the previous beta, the new version cannot be installed using Help->Check for Update. Instead you need to download the beta manually:




Thanks for letting me know. I have tested this out but it does not appear to work.

I added a key binding to Generic, Stop. The tooltip on the "stop" button on a table tab shows the correct key binding. But when I execute a filter by clicking the Filter checkmark, DbVis does not stop. Clicking Stop works fine, but the key binding does not. I tried 3 different keystrokes but it made no difference.

I also found a tiny bug: if I press Escape while the tab is executing the Filter, DbVis flashes the small yellow "Search" window for a very, very short time (it comes and goes so fast that it took me a few tries to figure out that's what it was). Not a big deal, but I thought you should know :)


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