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Key Binding for Stop Command in Table Tab

In a Sql Cmdr tab there's a Stop button on the toolbar ("stop the current script execution"), and I've assigned a key binding to it so I can stop a running SQL command when necessary.

In a Table tab, there's also a Stop button ("stop the current execution"), but it doesn't seem to have a way to bind it to a key press, so I have to go for the mouse if I want to interrupt a long-running retrieval.

Could you make the Table tab's Stop button obey the same keystroke as the Sql Cmdr Stop keystroke?


Just to let you know this is fixed in the latest 110.3069 beta version and it is now possible to assign a key binding to Stop.

Due to an unfortunate regression in the previous beta, the new version cannot be installed using Help->Check for Update. Instead you need to download the beta manually:



Hi Charles,

I will add this as an improvement request. 

Best Regards



Thanks for letting me know. I have tested this out but it does not appear to work.

I added a key binding to Generic, Stop. The tooltip on the "stop" button on a table tab shows the correct key binding. But when I execute a filter by clicking the Filter checkmark, DbVis does not stop. Clicking Stop works fine, but the key binding does not. I tried 3 different keystrokes but it made no difference.

I also found a tiny bug: if I press Escape while the tab is executing the Filter, DbVis flashes the small yellow "Search" window for a very, very short time (it comes and goes so fast that it took me a few tries to figure out that's what it was). Not a big deal, but I thought you should know :)


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