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Exporting to Excel (no extension appended)

We just updated our licensing after a long time. I'm currently using 10.0.26. In our older version, when I exported the result set using the export button, I'd go through the menu, select XLS, then the Excel 2007 version, I would browse for the folder & type the filename in. Once I did that, DbVis would save and the extension was automatically appended at the end. However, with the new upgrade, I type the name in, click save and it saves it as a file without any extension. I noticed I had to manually type the file extension in order for it to work. Is there a setting I'm missing that I should set to avoid this? Otherwise, I'll just remember I have to type the extension if I want my computer to recognize the file correctly. Thank you!

PS, I apologize if this is an old issue. I did attempt to find a topic on this but didn't find this specific issue. Thank you in advance! 

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Hi Sara,

Thanks for reporting. I will add this as a bug report.

Kind Regards 


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