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Dependency information


I know of some very old tickets touching this topic. Not being sure they are watched still.

For impact analysis it would be very helpful to have dependency information on views, functions and other objects that can be used by other objects.

Kind regards

Thiemo Kellner

Just so I understand you correct.

You mean information such as 

  • View X is dependant on Tabe A and Table B
  • Function Y is dependent on Table C (E.g. its source is doing a select on Table C)


Kind regards


Hi Ulf

Quite right. :-) With respect to functions, procedures, packages not only selects but any interaction to another database object. However, I did mean to exploit the databases own dependency tracking if possible. E.g. for DB2 views like CONTROLDEP, FUNCDEP, PACKAGEDEP, TRIGDEP and VIEWDEP in SYSCAT schema might be a point of information. For PostgreSQL it probably would be pg_depend.

Kind regards


Hi Thiemo,

Thanks for the clarification. Also the information regarding the dependency tracking information.

Using this would simplify the implementation.

I will add your vote for such a feature. 

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