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DB Visualizer and Oracle with Radius authentication

Hello, everyone,

I have been attempting to get DB Vis working with an oracle db that is set up to use RADIUS authentication.  I can get this to work via SQL Developer, but even with adding the instant client dir to the windows path (which I'd seen mentioned for Toad in my searches) I am unable to get things to work.   Just ORA-1017 (invalid user/pass) seen... I have tried v6 and v8  of the Oracle driver... 

Any suggestions as to what I might be able to check here?  We have quite a few developers that use DB visualizer, and we don't want to interfere with their workflow.


Hi David,

As our experience with RADIUS authentication is limited I can only give you general information here.

Searching for Information regarding Oracle JDBC authentication I found this Oracle documentation.

The section Support for RADIUS describes how to add a property and set that to (RADIUS).

To do this in DbVisualizer please see the Driver properties part of the Configuring Connection Properties section of the User Guide.

I.e you should add a property with name and the value (RADIUS).

The Oracle documentation indicates that the property value should be (RADIUS). To me it looks strange that the parentheses characters should be specified so if using that fails try with just RADIUS instead.

The oracle document indicates that user and password should be added as well. This is not needed as DbVisualizer does this.  

Note that the user and password of should correspond to the ones defined in RADIUS. 

If the above does not work please run the connection attempt while Debugging DbVisualizer

Enable Debug DbVisualizer in Tools->Debug Window and the Debug tab and then re-run the operation that causes the issue. Then use Help->Contact Support in DbVisualizer to send the log file to us (make sure that Attach Logs is checked). Refer to ticket this forum topic in the support description.

Kind regards


This is superb!   And, yes, it worked.  You do not need the parentheses.  Just "RADIUS" worked great.

Thank you so much!  

Hi David,


Kind regards 


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