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Provide Separate Key Binding for Filter Execution

In a Table tab, to execute a Filter via the keyboard, the default keystroke is Ctrl+Enter.


That keystroke is somehow associated with the Key Binding defined in Main Menu, SQL Commander, Execute. If that key binding is changed, Ctrl+Enter no longer works on the Filter field.


I would like to change the SQL Commander Execute key binding, but when I do it ruins the Filter field key binding, so I would like to see either A) Ctrl+Enter hardwired to the Filter field, or B) Execute Filter given its own separate key binding.



The key binding in the filter field is associated with Execute but it is set when DbVisualizer is launched. Any changes of the key binding for Execute will affect the filter field and next DbVisualizer session.



I understand what you're saying. What I'm suggesting is that the key assignment binding to Execute on a SQL Commander tab should not change the key assignment that executes a filter on a table tab. Those are two completely different functions that happen to have the word "execute" in common.

There are 4 different ways to "execute" a SQL Commander buffer, and I'd like to be able to assign keystrokes to each without changing the key that executes a Filter.

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