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Reload configuration


I would appreciate simple means to reload the configuration in the GUI.

I have several installations of DbVis on different environments (dev, test, prod - you get it) sharing the configuration over a samba share - I know, funny that they provide one share over the different environments. However, I organised my connections in folders of which the name/number of the release is part of the name.

Thus, with release changes I change the name of the folder and I would be very convenient if I could tell all the other running DbVis instances to reload the configurations such that changes in one instance gets reflected in the others and overwriting changes does happen more seldom.

Btw, I use dbvis-multi to run the various instances but I am not sure whether this is the intended use for the multi binary. I could not find any reference in the manual.

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Another possibility would be to have a button (not persisting its state to the config) to tell DbVis not to persist any config changes to disc and auto reload configuration when ever its file changed on disk. This would be even nicer. :-)

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