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Arbitrary set of monitors


I use DBVis on different environments, however they share the settings directory. It is tedious to change the connections switching between environments. I feel monitors with different file sets make life easier when you have to monitor different aspects auto refreshing and do not want to burden the database with unnecessary load/queries.

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Hej Thiemo

Thanks for the clarification, I will register this as a feature request and bring it up for discussion.

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this!

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Hej Peer

Thanks for getting at my request, and I am sorry for having not responded earlier. The problem is, that the script folders are located within the settings folder such that if I want to share scripts between environments, I cannot help but sharing the settings too.

As a solution to this I see the option of having the (relative) location of those folders as the settings such that each environment can have its own location. Having that said, it only would be a full success if the connection information of the monitor scripts was not saved in the environment independent location of the script itself but somewhere in the settings folder.

In short, I would like to share the scripts and the behaviour of DBVis over different environments but not the connection information be it the connection details or be it which monitor script is to use which connection.

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Hej Thiemo

Would it be an option to use different settings for each environment, i.e. by using a specific settings folder for each environment (see Alternative Folder for User Settings)? I realize that the current way of changing folder would be a bit awkward if you need to change it everytime you start, but if that solution would work, we could look into a way of simplifying that task.

If this wouldn't work, can you please elaborate a bit more on what you need, and why using different folders would not work?



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