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Rudimentary "Notes" field for pinned query result tabs


Quite often I'll execute queries, for testing, and pin the tabs to save the results for later reference.  When I get above 5 tabs, I'll often forget which pinned tab is the results set for a given test iteration. 

It would be really great to have a "Notes" section where I could enter some descriptive text for the pinned results tab which would also appear at the bottom of  the tool tip which appears currently when I hover over a pinned tab.  This "note" wouldn't need to be saved in any way but would just serve as a temporary user entered description of what this pinned results tab contains.

Hmm... I'm realizing now that the current hover tool tip also shows all the SQL comments above the executed statement, all of the SQL comments to the prior statement end.  I could probably make this work for me as a note.  But I'll have to remember to make these SQL comments prior to query execution.  A proper note field would allow me to make notes about the query results after execution.  So I'll let my feature request stand.

Thanks again for making such a killer product.

-- Tom

Hi Tom, 

In addition to having preceding comments that shows any notes when hovering the tab, you also have the following command which is used to label the tab for the following result set.

@set resultset name My note 1 goes here;
select 1;
@set resultset name My note 2 goes here;
select 2;

Another option to rename a result set tab is to select Rename tab in the tab header right-click menu.



The @set resultset name is an excellent feature - I was about to raise a ticket along these lines and I am glad you had already implemented such a feature . Thanks ! Ionut.

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