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Allow a text column to be sorted numerically in a query result tab.

For aggregations of selections, you provide the ability to treat numbers stored in a text field as numeric values. 


Could you also do the same to allow numeric sorting on a text column containing numbers in a query results tab?  This would be extremely useful.




Thanks for all posts. I respond to the others tomorrow.

Answer to your requests: simplest would probably be to cast the text column to a number type (if it only contains number data) in the query. 



If it were normal SQL, your suggestion would definitely work. 

Unfortunately, this data is from DynamoDB (via a CData JDBC driver driver) which doesn't support the cast function.  I guess I can try the Custom Schema settings to see if I can map the seqNumber to a numeric data type.

Thank you, though, for the suggestion and the quick reply.

-- Tom

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