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Compressed export/import


I feel it would be useful if one could filter export through compression before having written them to disk. I think along zip, gzip, XZ, bzip2, 7z, arj, lzma or Z e. g. using (

Kind reagrds


Hej Thiemo,

This looks like something we need to look into. I will register this and bring it up for discussion.
Thanks for taking the time to report it!



Hej Roger

Thanks for taking the idea up. As a functional example with PostgreSQL and Linux tools:


nice -n 19 pg_dump -U <DB-USER> \
                     --clean \
                     --create \
                     --if-exists \
                     --format=plain \
                     --verbose \
                     <DB> | \
                       nice -19 lzma -z -e -c > "<DUMP_PATH>"


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