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PostgreSQL: More fine grained-support for geometric/spacial data


In my opinion, it would be beneficial if the geometric/spacial data type support would be more fine-grained. The data type just gets displayed fine though it might be improved with the exact type. If this is not possible - I am not very into spacial data - the data value at least could be displayed much more speaking. DBeaver does a good job at that. You might want to compare attached screenshots where latest is DBVis whereas the others are DBeaver. DBeaver even sports a graphical representation of which I am not sure whether it is not just a toy - at least for points it is pointless (what a joke!)

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Thanks! I'll add your vote.



Having read a bit About PostGIS I reckon the representation of the geom values in DBeaver is the "well known text" representation, no matter whether the data is actually stored as WKB (binary). I am not sure whether it is generally usefull to convert for displaying as I would expect it to be ressource intensive. Maybe a setting in the tool properties like the ones for BLOB/CLOB would do, to toggle between WKT and native representation.

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