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Cannot do a Pro version evaluation

I am trying to evaluate DBVisualizer for a specific business need that is only available on the PRO version.  I downloaded and installed the free version and was able to hook it up to Snowflake rather easily.  When I attempt to request and evaluation for PRO from the help menu, I get the error below (naturally, I removed my email address).  I get a similar error when I try to contact support.  Any ideas how I can quickly get around this. I have postponed my demo to the business already and am ready to look for another option if I can't demo soon.




I have sent an evaluation license by email separately. 

The error you get is due to that our SSL certificate most likely cannot be verified properly by your Java environment in which DbVisualizer runs. This is something we address in the next feature version.

If you need any assistance during the evaluation of DbVisualizer Pro just let us know at



Thank you Rodger for the quick solution.  That did it.

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