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Oracle connection lost immediately


I have the problem with our Oracle connections that they get lost/closed immediately. I have found some support threads and articles on that subject (Getting error "The database connection has been lost".Works for DB 8.x, Database connection has been lost Error and Any statement I execute in the SQL Commander results in "Database connection is not open") but I thought to have configured DbViz accordingly. Still, the connection is not usable. "Reconnect and execute" leads to the very same dialog again and again (see attached screen capture).

I use our Oracle connection seldom only, so I cannot tell whether there was a change on our Oracle side causing this problem. I am confident, however, that this cannot be the case because daily ETL processes retrieve data from that very same database by JDBC connection.

You might have noticed in the screen capture already, that recording debug does not work for some unknown reason to me.

Has some hint how to fix the connection?




(28 KB)
(28 KB)

Hej Thiemo,

We haven't received any other current complaints that DbVisualizer makes unpredictable disconnects. 

May it be something in the network setup that causes this to happen?



Hej Roger

While I cannot exclude this possibility, I hold it improbable as our ETL process uses JDBC and has no such problems. It might be, however, a problem of our client setup as Java applications every few minutes get "halted" for a couple of seconds before resuming operation normally. On the other hand, the DB2 connection on the very same client does not get lost. It seems, I must switch to TOAD for our Oracle connections.



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