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@export with microseconds from an Oracle Timestamp?

If I export the same data I appear to get different results for the microseconds with java 8 and this older v8.0.11 DBvisualizer each time I export. Sometimes the time component is wrong other times even the date is wrong.

Is this documented and if so which version was microseconds support added in?

This is with 11g and 12g JDBC drivers.

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Hi Robert

Very sorry for the late answer. This may be an issue in the JDBC driver. What affects this is also the TimeStampFormat parameter to the command.

Best of all if you could give us specific details of the cases not working. Including the SQL. If possible perhaps a simple SQL like the following could be used.

select TO_TIMESTAMP('2018-02-07T09:43:51.712992', 'YYYY-MM-DD"T"HH:MI:SS.FF6') from dual;

Also it would be great if you also could provide us with a Debug trace for the error. 

Enable Debug DbVisualizer in Tools->Debug Window and the Debug tab and then re-run the operation that causes the issue. Then use Help->Contact Support in DbVisualizer to send the log file to us (make sure that Attach Logs is checked). Refer to this topic in the support description.

Kind Regards


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