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DBviscmd - speed up imports into temp table (db2)

Hi there,

im working on a project for a customer who uses dbvisualizer to connect to db2 databases.

I use the dbviscmd tool to create a temp db2 table and afterwards download the data into json files which is pretty fine but over the time the temp / session table became bigger and the insert of 5k records takes 3-4 Minutes via dbviscmd.

I have experimented with multiple inserts (see ), but it seems they dont work for temp tables.

I hoped for a prepared statement to speedup the process and found a link in your documentation ( ) but I dont know how to implement them in a .cmd file.

Can you advise?



Hi Alex,

I Guess the discussion we are having in the thread Import Parameter not working for temp tables in db2 is targeting this.

You are there using the DbVisualizer @import command which is probably the fastest way to import data using DbVisualizer.

DbVisualizer will in this case use both prepared statements and JDBC batch to speed up the import. In the example I was showing there I was able to import 5000 rows in 0.5 seconds. 

Kind Regards 


Super, I will check the other solution you provided within the next days and we can leave this topic for the moment.

As you mentioned, prepared statements and batch import will speed up the process dramatically.



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