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Help with SP and ETL in DBVIS

Hello There!

Excuse me, I'm new to DBVIS and I don't know much about English...

How can I make a stored procedure execute quickly?

And another thing ... How can I do an ETL in Dbvis? Any tool or tutorial is very helpful for me. Thank you very much in advance. :)


While DbVisualizer can help you create a Stored Procedure, the best way to create it depends on what database you are using and is beyond the scope of DbVisualizer. You will need to consult the documentation, support resources and forum discussions of that database.

As for ETL - hopefully the sections Importing Table Data and @import - Importing data in the Users Guide will give you the necessary information?



Thank you very much Peer! This is very useful for my internship in the company, although I have finished my SP, the truth is that I have no idea how to start an ETL.

My database type is DB2 LUW, I tried to make the connection in VisualStudio2017 but it won't let me connect with Dbvisualizer. :/

Hi Andres,

Did you check the page about setting up connections? If you experience specific problems, please submit a support ticket (including the error message you get) from within DbVisualizer and we can have a look at it (see Reporting Issues).

Regards / Peer

I've tried ETL procedures with DbVisualizer, several times.

It is eficient. CSV files are quite fast exporting.

Can we use dbvis commands inside a shell to be run by cron in Linux?

Regards / Telmo

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