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DDL tab (of tables) to display all the dependent object sql


Sorry for the topic. It is not clear, but I just do not know how to put it in short words effectively.

I would like to have the DDL tab to sport the SQL of the actual object but also of dependent objects not able to exist on their own. E.g. indexes are deleted as well when their table gets dropped. They should be included. Views, on the other hand might get created even if one base table is missing (not sure about that), but certainly persist (on Oracle) if a base table gets dropped. Triggers/rules on views should get their SQL on the DDL tab of their respective view.

I hope, I could make me understood.

Varma hälsningar


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Hej Thiemo,

Not sure if or how this would fit into the way we handle the DDL today, but I'll register this as an improvement request and bring it up for discussion. Thanks!

Hälsningar / Peer

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