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Allow the setting of a Vertical Ruler?

Many different editors allow setting a vertical ruler (a line going up and down the editor at a given column count demarcation) for various purpose.  

I use them in other editors to know when I've hit 80 columns and again at 132 columns to try and control my line lengths to stay within a printable page. 

It would be nice to have them in SQL Commander editor tabs.  It would require having a mono-spaced font but I'm that's a limitation I happily live with.

Drats... looks like this feature already exists but is called "Column Guides".

Tools -> Tool Properties -> General Tab -> Appearance -> Editor Styles

-> In right pane, 'SQL Editor Column Guide' section

-> Show Guide at column [N]

Still, a possible enhancement. It would be nice to be able to have multiple column guides and to be able to set them to specific colors

  • #0000FF/blue at column 79 (to indicate approaching column limit)
  • #FF0000/red at column 119 (to indicate hard stop column limit)


I will open a ticket for adding more column guides.


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