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@Export with Oracle Date objects.

With @export is versions 8.0.11 is it possible that internally there's some caching

of dates whereby when it export it actually exports the wrong date?

that's what I can see consistently if my DBVis has been running a while I can do two exports side by side and in one case it will have the same date but the wrong date.

What version is likely to have been addressed in?

This is using jdk 1.8.0_161 with Oracle thin HDBC driver.

Just some more information. I can run my query without @export and see the correct value in the grid but whenever I use export it definitely ens up (for some records only) with the wrong date.

Hi Robert, 

This is a very old setup (almost 10 years) also you are running with a java not supported for that version. 

Having said that may be this is related to date formatting. May be the parameters DateFormat and TimeStampFormat could be used.

Also you might consider upgrading the driver.




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