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Mouseover Tooltip in Connections Pane

I would like to see the Database Connection name as a tooltip on every object inside that Connection. Right now I can't tell which connection object I'm pointing to if its name is scrolled off the pane. The tooltip is the perfect place to put that information.

It would be best to position this tooltip so it ends at the beginning of the object's name, rather than having the tooltip cover up the objects below that object.

Here is one of my database connections (the name stands for "DataMart Dev"; I also have "DM-T" for Test and "DM-P" for Prod):


When "DM-D" is scrolled off the pane and I point to ACQ_ARCH_COST_OF_SALES_EXCESS, I can't tell which connection the table is in. I would like to see:


Right now the tooltip in the Connections pane shows different things depending upon what is being pointed to, but some objects (like tables) don't have tooltips at all, and the existing tooltips duplicate exactly what is being pointed at. In this example I'm pointing at a line that says "Schemas (2 of 26)" and the tooltip repeats almost that exact information:


The only information I need when I point to anything inside a Database Connection is the name of that Database Connection.

Hi Charles,

We have an open ticket to make the current database (and perhaps other structure names) more visible.

One idea is that once scrolling, the database connection in your example will be sticky and stay on top as long as scrolling through that database connection. Whenever scrolling beyond that connection and into another, the new name will stick.

What do you think about that?



The sticky DB connection sounds good, especially if I'm able to access it's right-click popup menu.


I guess that would get the job done, although I'd still have to scan up the tree for the first Db Connection above the object to find the name (on a large screen that is not so simple).

I have to say I don't see why you would introduce a new mechanism (a sticky tooltip) when the existing tooltip would be a better solution if you changed what it says. As it stands now, having the tooltip repeat the same information that is *already visible* is not that useful, and it covers up information below it that I want to see.

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