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Add message when number of rows has been limited per configuration

I have been using this cool new setting (below) to limit the number of rows first displayed when opening a new table tab:


It's very useful! My problem is I always forget that it's in effect and I think DbVis is displaying all indicated rows and is using the filter. I forget because this situation happens only when a tab is first opened, and that can happen randomly throughout the day.

I would like to see some kind of message (maybe an extra row in the table, or a separate dialog box?) that says "Results limited by configuration to XXX rows". If the checkbox is blank. it could add " and the filter has not been applied" to the message. It could even have a link to the setting page.


HI Charles,

The following is displayed when the Initial Row Count has been activated:

If it doesn't show, check the Automatically Show Grid Warnings in the Grid category in Tool Properties as it needs to be checked to have this shown.



Fantastic! That's exactly what I needed. I never knew about that Grid Warnings setting.

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